Putu Piring, USJ4

This review was written by our ParamKL Reporter @ameliachn

Putu Piring

PARAM Location : USJ4
Nama Gerai: Putu Piring Warisan
Price: 5 for RM 2.50
When you open the packet, you’re hit with this strong smell of pandan, they wrap eveything in pandan leaf! At first look this putu piring is huge. Almost the size of the palm of my hand and it’s quite hefty. You bite into and you will find it quite dense, memang padat and it’s got lots of gula melaka. No skimping here. The tepung is slightly salty so you get this nice fragrant dense salty sweet coconuty mix in your mouth. Nice.
Getting a taste of this putu piring is quite challenging, coz there’s always a line!

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